I’ve been cheating on you, WordPress.

The Worthington Jets

It’s true. I’ve been tumbling all day.

I was sad this morning because Henry is sick with a fever. He doesn’t want to get his sister sick, too, so he is staying with his Dad instead of coming here. 😦

I decided there was no way in hell I was going to let myself mope again. I spent all day yesterday doing that. Besides, it’s a beautiful day here (which means it is cloudy and breezy and threatening rain). I have the air conditioner off and the front door open. No closed curtains today.

There’s not much to see over on my tumblelog at the moment. I created my page there mainly as a means of learning the features and tools. I’ve been looking for a platform  to host T’s original music, and I think tumblr is the place to do it.

I think I’m going to keep my page, too. I was able to match the look of my blog here, and I like having a place where my digital art takes center stage. Also, I can post movie files there, so my little animation experiment can be seen the way it was meant to be seen. I can even make it full screen! I’m so faragin tickled by this–it’s ridiculous. I think I’m going to add audio.

Ooooh! I could animate a whole video for The Effie Goodnight Project instead of using a still picture. 😀  😀  😀  I have no idea what said animation will look like but OMFSM! it sounds like fun… Maybe T has some ideas. He likes to draw, too. 🙂

Just remember, babe, tumblr means nothing to mean. You’re the one I really want.



26 thoughts on “I’ve been cheating on you, WordPress.

    • Damn. I was hoping we could have an open relationship.

      I am pretty excited about experimenting with some animations. That 14 second animated “And On” is made up of something like 75-80 still images, though, and “Rusty Cage” is 3:06. Oy.


      • I think it’s cool. I just had a look at the skeletion stage left/stage right one. You should totally do more of these, there aren’t many people out here engaging in this form of art (on WordPress that I know of, anyway).


        • You should go see the movie on the tumblr page. The Stage Left and Stage Right gifs are derived from it. They came about because I couldn’t post the movie file here and couldn’t make gifs longer than 10 seconds without paying an extra fee.

          Yes. I am poor these days. It is sad.


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