I am back from seeing my doctor.  Here are the highlights:

  • A month and a half after diagnosing me the doctor said, “Wow. It sure sounds like you have fibro.”
  • Blood pressure is back up again, right where it ought to be.
  • They took five vials of blood.
  • It looks like I’m finally going to be referred to a Rheumatologist.
  • No changes to current meds.
  • Still no meds for pain.

That’s all I can think of. I need a nap. But first, maybe I should take up drinking…


24 thoughts on “meh.

  1. Well, I’m glad you finally have them moving in the right direction. It’s a bloody hard slog to get an actual diagnosis, and oftentimes the Rheum guys are just as toey about giving you that card as anyone else. They don’t like ‘not knowing’, so to speak.
    Just keep your chin up and keep pushing until you get to where you need to go ❤


    • Oh, Abi, when he made the remark about how it “sure looked like” I had fibro my mind’s eye just started rolling.

      Seriously? What the actual fuck, man?

      I will say this for him: he doesn’t try to tell me it’s all in my head. He even actually told me he was worried about prescribing me anti-depressants because he was concerned I would think exactly that.

      Now he wants to test me for gluten sensitivity and gastrointestinal problems. I get what he’s doing. he wants to be sure, and if there’s some way to treat it that isn’t just sticking me on pain pills, then he wants to find it. And I do appreciate it. It’s just that I’m impatient. I’ve been waiting for what? 27 years! for someone to figure out what the hell is wrong with me…


      • Yeah, I really do feel your pain there. At least you have him working /for/ you rather than going the way most doctors do and tell you it’s all somatic and you’re just being a drama queen.

        Unfortunately it all comes down to tests and bullshit at this point. Rather than working with the facts they have, they need to rule out all the things it ISN’T first.

        I had exactly the same thing happen to me with my Rheum. We ran a year of tests. Everything from Rheumatoid Arthritis through to odd genetic conditions and we still came up with question marks in a lot of them. Eventually once we ruled out all the really dangerous things, he felt confident in suggesting Fibro was the cause (with an added clause of “What the shit is your body doing? We’re keeping an eye on this.”) but it’s an infuriating process.


        • *sigh* I guess I’m still better off than I was before. At the very least I am being treated for the depression, not to mention the urticaria which is mostly under control.

          How are you doing? I’ve been thinking of you and hoping that the cold has loosened its hold on you.


          • I’m glad to hear that you’re able to sort out other areas like the depression. I know that one well and it’s a tough guy to beat. Having a good support network is always invaluable when tackling that black dog.

            Turns out I don’t just have a cold, I have the nasty flu that’s been going about, so I’m less than optimal, to put it politely 😛 I’m seriously hoping I manage to get it under control over the next week because I’ll be spending three days over the other side of the mountains, right on the cusp of Winter.


          • Oy. I hope you do manage to reign it in. I knew this was a big trip, but I have a better idea of how physically demanding it will be for you now.

            Btw, I was wondering if you have a website on which you feature and sell your work? I didn’t see anything on your blog that was specifically dedicated to it. Did I miss it?


          • It’s pretty big. 3 days, 2 nights in a motel away form my creature comforts. 8 hours a day behind my stall (and in costume) with a bit of adventuring about the rest of the event. Basically like a ren faire on crack.

            I do have a website, but I initially decided to keep things separate as far as that goes. Just too much of a crossover, especially since my shop features my real name, location and all the rest. I also don’t have anything spectacular up at the moment, however, once I get past this event, I’ll be updating the online store and the site and I’ll be more than happy to give you a link 🙂


          • Oh! I got you. Yeah, I’m not sure how I feel about people knowing my real name, either. I totally understand. I’ll send you an email later on in the day. I have some thoughts to share with you, but… don’t want to share them HERE. 😉


          • Oooh. I feel like this is almost like passing notes in class!

            I guess I’m just a bit toey about it because I’ve had other blogs in the past that I’ve had to abandon because people I knew just took things the wrong way. Rather than understanding that some times i need to vent my spleen, regardless of who or what it’s about, they were adamant it was set up just to have a whine about them specifically. Just caused way too many issues. And since I do occaionally talk about adult things on my blog I also don’t want that going back to my business in case things really take off and I end up getting some kind of media attention. Just easier to play it safe in this day and age.


          • Also, I need to apologize to you. As I’m sitting here thinking about it, I realize you have made it pretty clear just how big this trip is in past posts. It’s not that I wasn’t listening; I just seem to forget a lot of things these days. I don’t understand why this is. 😦


          • Oh psh. Quiet you ❤ No need to apologise at all. You're talking to a fellow fibromite here. We're lucky if we remember what day of the god damned week it is, let alone other stuff!


          • Oh, I completely understand you. I’m having massive issues with my own memory. Combo breaker of stress, fibro and meds playing up means I need Manthing to leave the house until I can get a hold on this stuff. It’s scary and it’s really upsetting. If you’re anything like me, you can deal with the physical stuff (mostly), but the moment the mental stuff happens, you feel like you’re really losing the important bits of yourself.


  2. For super-educated intelligent folk, doctors can sure be idiots. Growing up, I saw my mom go from doc to doc for gastrointestinal problems only to be told it was in her head. What I learned from that: save my money and deal with health issues myself. I detest going to the doctor and my yearly physical happens every two or three years (only when I need a migraine med refill, and only to keep me active in their records 🙂 ) Hope he remembers his diagnosis next time you go in… sure would hate for him to start the testing process over again!


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