What the what what? (Clear as Mud Hitting the Fan)

My daughter woke me up a full 20 minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off. It may have looked to all the world like I was just staring blankly at the ceiling with my mouth hanging open, but oh no! My mind was in overdrive, like a crack squirrel on a hamster wheel, sharp as a wet paper trap. Oh yeah, I’m gonna mix all the metaphors similies like Dennis Miller in a wet tee shirt contest reciting beat poetry to a flock of cocker spaniels. (That’s right. Edit, bitches!)





Just go with it, babe. The rule book is out the window. I did not get the memo.

Elvis has left the fucking building.


not this Elvis…


THIS Elvis.


I have all kinds of ideas to throw at you. Careful! They’re hot.

  • $$Fibromyalgia for Fun (Yours) and Profit (Mine)$$
  • Pepé Le Pew is not just an Offensive Stereotype. He’s a Useful Creep.
  • Speaking of Pepé, I felt guilty after I laughed, so that’s all right, then.
  • Do Over! (Edit AGAIN! I rock my OWN world!)
  • Gringa Binga — Even More Fun for You and Profit for Me–
    — (I did it AGAIN! Somebody stop me!)

I think there were others, but I waited too long to write them down. Don’t worry. They’ll come back to me eventually.

Lucky you.


25 thoughts on “What the what what? (Clear as Mud Hitting the Fan)

  1. Crack squirrel on a hamster wheel… now that would be fun to see… maybe from a distance 🙂

    And Elvis… what a difference a few years and a bunch of drugs can make. Sad, really.


    • a looong distance. 😀

      *sigh* Poor Elvis. That’s what happens if you don’t stop taking the crack and/or running on the wheel. 😦

      I still remember when he died. It was the same year Star Wars came out…


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