I’m totally using you.

I am awake. It’s rough, but, nonetheless, I am awake. I hurt, but I will get myself up and moving out the door today, and you all are going to help me do it.

Oh, yes, I will use you. I will use your posts and all the lovely good wishes you sent as rocket fuel to propel me to do what I must. I must go to M’s school.

When she first started kindergarten, M struggled a bit. I actually have a whole post in the works about how hard kindergarten is these days. She was expected to work at a specific pace, but she just wanted to play. I worked with her, and today she is on the Honor Roll for the first time! YAY! There is an assembly this afternoon at which her achievement will be recognized. I have to be there. How can I not be there?

So. FIRST: I need ibuprofen. My neck/base of skull is aching which always heralds a migraine. I say, Not today, little Bad Ashes! Move on, Big Bad Ash! Get thee hence! SECOND: I need to dress myself in something acceptable to be worn out of doors. Pajamas are o-u-t. THIRD: I will walk to M’s school and sit my fanny on the bleacher, and I will like it. FOURTH: Smile, smile, smile! Clap, clap, clap! Hug, hug, hug! FIFTH: T and I will walk M home from school in time to meet Henry.


This guy gets it.

Eh. I don’t need the clothespins. I have plenty of reasons to smile for real.


12 thoughts on “I’m totally using you.

    • Gringa works. 🙂

      And thanks. I’m slowly getting ready and will leave in about an hour. It’s so worth it, you know? That girl worked hard to earn the Honor Roll.


    • It was, thank you! She is like me in that she’s smart but ditzy at the same time. She got her certificate and was supposed to wait to have her picture taken with the principal. She started to head back toward me, so I shooed her back towards the principal. She turned around, realized what she was supposed to do, ran back over… and photo bombed another kid’s picture.

      That’s my girl! 😀


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