Sometimes you gotta call it quits

This flare has been going on for the last three days or so. It started in my neck; they often do. The bones start cracking when I turn my head. My jaw aches. The headaches start. The hip goes, the knees, the tops of my hands… I won’t bore you with the whole list.

Today I am tired. It’s hard to stay upright for any length of time. I really want to read everything you’ve written. I want to get to know all of you wonderful new people who have somehow decided that I am someone you want to follow. You guys are blowing my mind! But I can’t do it today. Today, I am bowing to the pressure of my eyelids. But there is always tomorrow.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, Tomorrow. You’re always a day away.




8 thoughts on “Sometimes you gotta call it quits

  1. I had a flare that went 3 solid months one time. Normally they were no more than a week. Now I have MS so it’s like it never goes away. I know you feel awful and I’m so sorry. I really hope it eases soon for you!


  2. I hope you’re feeling better soon, lovely. Go get some bed rest, get a hot shower or a bath and some lavender oil and heat packs. Helps with the stress and the general ow. Also, socks are a must! I find that if I keep my feet warm, it tends to ease my lower leg pain in strange ways (and sometimes in my hips!). We’re all here for you if you want to rant! 🙂


  3. i was just going to write to you that I’m sorry that I am only now catching up on your posts. its been a rough 5 days of fibro and migraine bullcaca and I havent even been able to check my emails. feel better lady. picture me singing Michael Jackson’s “Yoouu are not aloone..I am here with yoouu”


    • HA! I just replied to one of your other comments with an apology for not being around much. 🙂

      You are awesome. “Though you’re far away/I am here to stay!”


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