Making your dreams come true… part 2… with an awesome twist…

I feel like a supastah, and you can, too. Just go see Art. He can turn you into a siren. Or a superhero. He’ll definitely turn you into a friend.


Pouring My Art Out

Ummm… where to start? So, this post is sort of a weird crossover. You may remember a week or two ago when I offered to make your dreams come true in Photoshop… because I do have an interactive blog… I said I would turn you into what ever you wanted, a super hero, a cartoon, whatever. For a whatever reason, only two people took me up on my offer.

Until now… Because my new friend, A Z Gringa had a request… she wanted me to make her into a siren… no not the police car kind, the ones that sit on the rocks and lure sailors to their doom… hey, don’t judge, we all have our own dreams…

But she didn’t want me to use her real face… she is shy… she wanted me to use her gravatar image… so I did… sort of…

a 1 a 2I think that came out rather nicely… and sort of creepy…

Now for the…

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