Who does she think she is anyway?

My daughter loves playing Lego Star Wars on our aging Xbox 360.

Everything in my house is aging, old, or broken (including me!) but I digress…

As she was about to leave for school this morning, she held her hands in front of her as though wielding an invisible weapon and told me:

“I am Luke Skywalker’s teacher, and this is my Life Saber!”

“So, you’re Yoda?”

“NOOOO! I’m Obi Wan Kenobi!”

Damn it, kid. I’ll have you know that I saw Star Wars on the big screen in this theater:

The Lyceum Theater

The Lyceum Theater

back in 1977. TWICE. I owned an R2D2 necklace with actual moving pieces. I saw Episodes 5 and 6 on the big screen, too, back when they were known as the second and third movies in the trilogy, and I personally believe that Lucas ought to be walled up in a room in the bowels of Skywalker Ranch with nothing but the Prequels and a cask of Amantillado to keep him company.

What was that? You’re only five? It’s not your fault you haven’t seen the movies yet, and anyway Obi Wan was Luke’s teacher before Yoda?

Fine, Go on off to your “kindergarten”. I’ll deal with you later, Missy.


29 thoughts on “Who does she think she is anyway?

  1. Wait, she hasn’t seen the movies yet? What??


    I remember seeing “Return of the Jedi” at a drive-in theater with my parents. There’s another relic for you 🙂


    • I know. I’m such a bad parent.

      Actually, I think M would be a little freaked out by Star Wars. She’s kind of funny about movies with a lot of intense action. My son was like that, too. I figure she’ll be ready for it in a couple more years.


    • I am wracking my brains out trying to remember the last movie I saw at a drive-in.

      When I was around nine or so my mother took us kids to see “Animal House” at a drive-in on the advice of a friend. The combination of regret, embarrassment, and brewing revenge on her face as we drove home was priceless. You see, my brother, who was eight at he time, was hanging out of the car window, screaming at pedestrians, “LOOK AT THOSE GAZONGAS!”


          • Henry and M can get into it from time to time. Usually it’s Henry instigating. Like all big brothers, he just can’t resist teasing his little sister. She gets him back, though, generally by sneaking up and giving him a wet willy.

            (I suppose that might sound…inappropriate… to you. It’s what Americans call it when you lick your finger and stick it in someone’s ear.) XD


          • Haha, I see!! I reread that line a few times, decided it was an autocorrect or something like that and carried on.

            I am incredibly relived to now understand what it is ha, even if it does sound rather unenjoyable (sounds like a sibling trick to me)!


          • Don’t worry I won’t be rushing in to motherhood! I am far to childlike myself in certain ways. Plus different medical issues means I have to wait at least a couple of years, otherwise it could get complicated! Which doesn’t really affect me as I am only 21 🙂

            Got to live my life a little before bringing a whole knew form of life in to it. 28 is a good age, anything after 26 I think I would be open to. (Although 26 still sounds very young!)


          • “Got to live my life a little…”

            Exactly. Enjoy yourself. Have experiences. Work on you. Then, when the time comes and you choose to have a child, you have so much more of you to offer.


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