OY. <— Which is not the same as Oi. It’s important that you know the difference, because I will use both terms in this space as needed. Therefore, THIS is OY.

While THIS is OI!

or it could also be this.

It should be clear from the context whether I mean Oi! or Oi!

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, let us continue our regularly scheduled program:


It is 2:36 AM.

I had 3 or 4 nights of pretty solid sleep there. It was beautiful even if my back was not real happy with being lain upon (my back is such a whiny nincompoop). *sigh* It was fun while it lasted.

It’s entirely possible that this computer situation is what’s got me up and about. My neighbors, bless their little hearts, are an older couple. “Stan” (gotta protect the innocent) knows just enough about computers to overestimate himself and be dangerous. There are a ridiculous number of toolbars on his laptop. There’s also this awesome little program that causes fake links to appear on any webpage you open and, in turn, opens other websites that try to download even more malicious shit onto your computer, even when you ignore said fake links!

Holy CRAP I can’t remember when I’ve had more fun trying to clean an infected system. I’m tempted to tell them to just chuck it, but then where would I be? Still laptop-less and sad. As it is I might be visiting here from Windows Safe-Mode with Networking.


So, anyway. I miss you all already. I’ll be back soon. And while I’m gone, will some of you please go rummaging in the basement of Art’s soul for me? I think it would be good for him.

All My Love,
AZ Gringa


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