It’s good to know that siblings will still fight no matter how large the age gap.

“H, you are annoying, and I am done with you!” says the five year old.

“Maybe so, but I’m not done with you!” says the 15 year old.


They laugh while they do this, though, so I see no need to interfere.


21 thoughts on “It’s good to know that siblings will still fight no matter how large the age gap.

    • I’m estranged from my entire family, actually. It’s another of those things I plan to explain on the TMI page. It’s just taking me a bit to put it all into words.


      • I am as well, boy we do have a lot in common. How long have you been? I’ve been for just over three years. Minus my sister, who I opened the door a crack too and she didn’t waste anytime attacking me so a couple of months ago I cut off all contact with her permanently. The only reason that I let her in a crack was because I missed my nephews. She new it and used it. Anyway sorry if that was TMI! lol


        • No, not TMI. I understand.

          Let’s see… estranged from my mother for about 24 years, my brother for 14, my sister for 10.

          Writing it out like that makes me seem like a cold, unforgiving person with a hell of a tendency to hold a grudge, but it’s really not like that. It makes me sad.

          *sigh* It’s one of those things I need to post about, but I haven’t found the words yet. I feel like there’s so much to explain before I can even get into it. You know?


          • I totally understand. They’ve convinced us we are all wrong, it’s all our faults, and we are bad. I am with you I hurt terribly over it but their abuse will destroy me if I allow them in. I have to take care of me. Caring for me and my sanity/health, means not allowing abuse/their abuse in my life any longer.

            You are not cold and unforgiving, you are keeping yourself safe. I’m sorry that they’ve forced you into that.

            I also cry a lot over the estrangement because I wish they could know I don’t want it this way.


          • I hate the fact that my kids don’t know their grandmother, their aunt, their uncle, their cousins. On the other hand, my kids are happy and well-adjusted. They’re the most important people in the world to me, and I won’t let that other family get inside their heads and damage them.

            It would be different if any of those people was willing to actually confront the past as it was instead of re-writing history and demanding that everyone go along with their fictional version of events. It would be different if they were more interested in healing than in pretending and perpetuating the same dysfunctional behavior through the aeons. As far as I’m concerned, it stops with me.


  1. After reading your individual stories in the comments, I’m kinda glad that I’m fairly close with my sister and parents. We had our problems to be sure, but at least we’re not estranged. I can’t imagine how hard that must be for you guys. It’s not something I’d take too well to either, I’m thinking.


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