I should have seen this coming.

Yesterday I was in a weird mood. It felt like a good mood. Today I am sad, sad, sad.

This is not a crying kind of sad. It’s more of a hollow feeling in my chest with a slight chance of tears.

Tears are not something that happen very often. I sometimes fool myself into thinking that I’ve lost the ability to cry, but every now and again I prove myself wrong.

I have this idea that the Desert, jealous of the water, stole my tears away. That would make a good story, huh? The heroine is only allowed to cry when it rains.

It’s 1:30 AM.

8 thoughts on “Morning

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    • I try not to be sad, but depression is a tough bitch to tame. It’s partly why I do this. I seem all upbeat and cheery, don’t I? There are depressed people all over the place who seem upbeat and cheery and NORMAL and all that crap. In real life they probably can’t admit they’re depressed because there’s a stigma. They keep it quiet and maybe they hurt themselves because they aren’t getting any help. Depression isn’t people moping around all day being emo. Depression looks like me. Maybe in my weird, roundabout way I can help someone?


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