You may have noticed: I sort of make a lot of posts.

What the cuss?

What the cuss?

Yeah. See, right now it’s 1:04 AM. I lay down with my daughter at 8:00 PM, fell asleep by 9:00 PM, and I just woke up about 10 minutes ago. I probably won’t sleep again until 8:00 PM tonight. @!#$%* (It’s not that I’m against cussing on my blog, it’s just that my ability to do so is so versatile, so multifaceted, that just about any word or phrase you mentally inserted when you saw that string of characters has been entirely accurate at one time or another.)

During the day I will be tired. So ridiculously tired. I will lie down, and I will remain awake. I will try to distract my brain/tire myself out. Sudoku, books (re-reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, btw. Great read if you have the time.), fresh air, listening to music (ever since I wrote the fateful words: Yo, Kenneth! I have had What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? stuck in my BRAIN!). I also post shit on my blog. If any of the other aforementioned activities caused me to drift off into blissful slumber I would be far less prolific.

Ernest Hemingway


“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?” –Ernest Hemingway

So, if you followed my blog and got WAY more than you bargained for, consider this my mea culpa. I hope you’ll understand. Eventually the sleep thing has got to work itself out, but, until then, I hope you will find something to enjoy here.


76 thoughts on “You may have noticed: I sort of make a lot of posts.

  1. Wouldn’t have it any other way, lovely. I actually really enjoy your posts. As a fellow non-sleeper, I enjoy having stuff in my inbox to read and you seem to be my kind of crazy, so it’s a perfect relationship :3


    • I think sometimes people probably get sick of seeing me pop up in their readers. It’s not exactly spam, it’s more the internet equivalent of someone who just won’t shut up.


  2. well this is awkward after reading this post… if you are reading my blog to distract your brain from pain, I am honored and pleased to be of service… but there ain’t no way you are ever falling asleep while reading my stuff… no way… please don’t…


  3. I am the same way, thus why I always comment all over the place too. I read everything, and I mean what I say in the comments, but I am sure it looks like I am everywhere and nowhere at once. 🙂


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