Wait… what?


Emma Stone Laughs at You


Ok. That was rude. Once again, I humbly apologize.

ANYHOO. The other day Black Dog Runner made an excellent post exploring the superficiality of FaceBook and how it affects those of us who are depressed, how it can make people feel like they’re the only ones not riding the super-fantastical bullet train to transcendent bliss and fulfillment (or at least smug self-satisfaction). (Honestly, if you don’t already, just go follow Black Dog Runner. You’re welcome.)

Those aren’t the exact words used, but I feel like I may have painted a picture there for you. And speaking of pictures, when I was pulling that other R.E.M. video up for you folks I saw another that struck me as the perfect visual representation of what FB feels like to some of us.

Whaddya think? Nailed it?

On a completely different note, I have decided that I am not so much a blogger as I am a Content Curator. Sounds hip, don’t it?


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