Setting boundaries

I haven’t blogged or kept an online journal since my long lost LiveJournal days. It seems like a lifetime ago, but the circumstances were similar. That was during that other dark time, 12 years ago, when I was diagnosed with “moderate to severe depression” and prescribed meds. My son was just three years old. I felt very isolated and alone.

I started an online journal without really considering whether anyone would read it or not. It was a form of self therapy. And, you know, it worked. I felt better, and I enjoyed writing about any number of things. I was surprised and pleased when other people started following and commenting on my posts. (They like me! They really, really like me!)

Draw the Line, Baby.Sadly, that story did not end well. Being vulnerable, I did not recognize that some of the “friends” I made online might not be the best people to get attached to. Oh, the Lessons You Learn! I abandoned LiveJournal and pretty much disappeared from the interwebs. So, I think this time I will make some ground rules before I get in too deep, write myself a little “Mission Statement” of sorts.

::insert throat-clearing sound here::

Bleached Bone Valley is the blog of a half-crazy, newly medicated, middle-aged woman living somewhere in the desert southwest United States. She will hereinafter be referred to as AZ Gringa or AZG for short. AZG is a wife, mother, and would-be doer of good deeds who aims to use this blog as a therapeutic tool in the quest for mental well-being. AZG will blog about health related topics such as fibromyalgia, depression, medication, etc., but topics such as parenting, books, music, and anything that she finds interesting and reminds her that there is more to life than feeling like crap will also be included. Any interested party is welcome to read and comment on posts here, but divulging personally identifying information on the part of AZG is strictly verboden.

That’ll do for going on, I think.

EDIT TO NOTE: I edited and put it on the “About This Blog” page.


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